Where would you rather be? Namma Bengaluru.

Fascinating. My wife sent me a cutting from a UK newspaper which inferred that London has a pollution/smog problem. It’s all relative. Today’s data for London:

London AQI 20171115

Same site, same index comparison for Bangalore:

Bangalore AQI 20171115

And same comparison for Delhi:

Delhi AQI 20171115

So checked out similar comparison for Bangalore and Delhi from India’s Ministry of Environment CPCB site:

Gurgaon CPCB Data 20171115
Gurgaon, NCR
Bengaluru CPCB Data 20171115
ETV, Bangalore

Bangalore – for all of our complaints about traffic – still the best metro in India for climate, air quality and plenty more. Namma Bengaluru!

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