An afternoon in Bhaktapur

Enjoyed the afternoon in Bhaktarpur which is about an hours drive outside Kathmandu and significantly less polluted. Went along with some other stranded fellow passengers and had a very pleasant afternoon in the drizzly on/off rain, and cool air.

Kathmandu is now so polluted that it really is unpleasant to drive around in the stinking traffic jams – almost as unpleasant as walking around in the garbage strewn streets. How does a country become like this?

We also stopped off on my way back to the hotel at Boudnath Stupa on the outskirts of Kathmandu. My third time there but always impressive.

And finally back to the hotel and the hope that we will be able to fly out to Paro early on Wednesday morning assuming the clouds lift over Bhutan. Paro Weather is wet at this time of year so there is no guarantee that we will indeed make it out of here.

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