Nepal Trek

Enjoyed a week of trekking in Nepal with all the boys – flew up to Kathmandu and on to Pokhara with five days of walking, four nights under canvas. Not too onerous given the accompanying dozen or so sherpas to carry tables, chairs, tents and so on as well as an excellent cook to keep hunger from the door.
We flew from Kathmandu to Pokhara on the famous Yeti Airlines….

…and we were joined by a variety of cooks, porters and guides for our trek…

…Freddie of course came along and fared well despite the hot daytime sun and chilly night time stops….

…with good food all along the way including fresh, very fresh, chicken curry…

…we bade farewell to the touring party at a roadside coffee stop before heading back home and the boys back off to school for the final half term of the year…

Arrived home in time to watch Spurs take Chelsea at White Hart Lane 2-1 which, after the mid week victory over Arsenal capped a tiring but memorable half term for the boys.

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  1. Marie-Louise says:

    What an incredible expedition. Lucky you not having volcanoes to disrupt your return! All our love, Marie-Louise Imogen and Johnxxximogenxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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