The India Growth Story

Was reviewing a couple of very informative studies by McKinsey which really help to crystallize what we see all around us here in India – a transformation over a few short decades from third world bankruptcy in 1991 to a leading global economy within the next decade.

McKinsey & Company – India’s urban awakening: Building inclusive cities, sustaining economic growth – April 2010 which will allow you to get to all the info direct and download as you require.


The data forecasts a shift from 2000-2030 in proportion of Indian households in “deprived” category is from 64% to 15%, while shift over 2000-2030 in top three categories (Seekers/Strivers/Globals) is from 36% to 53%. In absolute numbers, this means the 126m (2000) households in the deprived category reduces to 48m (2030) while the top 3 categories increases from 10m(2000) to 170m (2030) – a staggering 17 times increase over 30 years ie consistent 10% growth over three decades.

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