St Edmund’s College 30th Year Reunion

We’re having great fun catching up with old mates from SEC online in preparation for the SEC OE Leavers 1982 30th Year Reunion.

We’ve tracked down old friends in Australia (Christian Arrindell, Mike Hughes), Singapore (Peter Lee & Karen Tan), HK (Dominic Irwin), India (Mike Holland), as well as a few closer to home with Chris Witte, Mark Sweeney, David Kay, Joy Elias, Adam Graves, Mark Staton and others.

We have set up a Facebook event page which is a good way to connect and interact.

Do drop me a line on mdholland or search me out on Linked In or Facebook and get in touch if you are from the SEC 1975-82 cadre.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Last Autumn at the Ireland Wales RWC QF with two of my four boys and my long suffering wife:

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