Lean Engineer

Very amusing story of the “Lean Engineer” in Bangalore.

More Bangalore for Your Buck

What every business needs: a Lean Engineer. This could be one of two things:

  1. A person learned in the art of “Lean” and “Kaizen,” manufacturing disciplines that seek to minimize inventory and WIP (work in process) through techniques like “Just-In-Time” supply and shortening the manufacturing flow paths. “Lean” allows factories to eliminate wasteful practices and accomplish more at lower cost, and has spawned a whole cottage industry of consultants and credentials (such as the “Lean Practitioner”). See for yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_manufacturing
  2. A skinny guy.

Let’s go with (2).

The Lean Engineer gets up in the morning. Our company provides transportation to work, so all he needs to do is walk a kilometer or so to the pickup point. Our company also provides a free breakfast at the facility, so he saves a little time by not having to do anything except dress and shave.

Lean Man (I have created this character…

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