How to create unemployment, reduce choice and service quality

I was given a practical illustration of how high taxes drive enterprises out of business and create unemployment, while doing an airline booking this morning.
The fare itself was circa UKP188, the various taxes amounted to 2.3x the actual fare resulting in a total which was close to UKP400. The breakdown of taxes show taxes upon taxes, fuel taxes, airport taxes at both ends, arrival tax departure tax, security tax, city tax, etc..
Excessive tax generation is of course only one side of the story. What the big Government is spending it on is the other. More attention to both by the electorate is required whether in Europe or in India.

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  1. The lions share would be the fuel surcharge or fuel taxes that are charged by the Airlines(not govt) to compensate for the low fares that are advertised.
    Whilst low level of taxes does not result in a robust economy, high taxes definitely is a disincentive. Absolutely agree on the spend..


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