Why the Digital India Campaign is proof of our government’s warped priorities


Screenshot (Sep 28, 2015 14:46:27)

You will not see that image as my profile pic in Facebook. For me to take that one small step, the government had better take some pretty massive leaps.

Don’t get me wrong – a more digital India is a good thing. It’s worthy of your support. All I am urging is to think a little deeper about this initiative.

In many ways, it’s already started. The Indian smartphone industry is booming and starting to reach deeper into the population, some branches of Central Bank of India proudly boast that they are finally computerised and traffic police carry around cumbersome handheld challan machines that they take hours to do anything on. We are heading there.

I too am obsessed with gadgets and technology. My phone, my laptop and the net have become absolutely essential, like many of my urban compatriots. Unfortunately, most of India doesn’t live in the urban areas…

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