Days like this….

What a great day – exhausting, hot and sweaty, a little painful to start but this was certainly one of those days to remember.

Our friend Chip Kingery was over from the States for the last few months to work with his NGO, ProVision Asia, which provides various services to members of the disabled community. He had organised more than 200 people to be involved in Bangalore’s annual 10k run – and what a day it was.

Fergus pushed a wheelchair over the 4km course, a few friends and I ran the 10k. Managed to squeeze over the finish line with 22 seconds to spare against my 60 minute target.

And our neighbours – Carlota and Achim – who are off to Shanghai this summer showed up too for the 10k; in fact, Achim flew in from Germany for the race and did himself proud with a 50-odd minute performance.

And our friends Penny & Uco also ran and pushed – a real community effort – all great fun, and for a great cause.

We relaxed post the event at Sean and Monica’s and we’re already looking forward to next years Bangalore 10k.

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