McKinsey Study on Global Labour Trends 2010-2030


  • High skill – of course, a good place to be, whether in Europe or Asia. Undersupply, and in demand. So you’ll have a job at the very least.
  • Medium skill (whatever that means) – in demand. You’ll have a job, albeit in a competitive, and low remuneration as you’ll be competing in a global talent pool
  • Low skill – too many of you, in a global world competing with 90-95million other low skill workers in a globalised world

Immigration policies, social security policies, education policies need to take it into account before the sorts of rebellion that is/will be seen in Europe really takes hold.

Full report: The world at work: Jobs, pay, and skills for 3.5 billion people | McKinsey Global Institute | Labor Markets | McKinsey & Company

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  1. deveshtiwari says:

    Very insightful.. thanks for sharing


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